Terms and Conditions


CONDITIONS OF SALE and www.soyalto.com SITE.

Access to sales www.soyalto.com site implies full acceptance of these General Conditions, which assumes that the buyer knows the issue any order for a product or service.

These Terms and Conditions apply to any product purchased online at the site www.soyalto.com.

Buyers know and accept the rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

These Conditions exclude any conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the seller and legal provisions of Spanish legislation.

Product orders will be considered an offer from the buyer, the seller will accept the tender offer in accordance with these Conditions by issuing an order confirmation to the buyer's attention. The buyer shall check the order confirmation and immediately notify the seller if it finds an error or discrepancy, otherwise, the seller shall deliver the product according to the order confirmation will attest.



The buyer can order online at www.soyalto.com site and choose the following forms of payment:

PAYPAL: to buy using paypal mode, the buyer will be connected to the secure payment terminal and once on this site may be gone directly to pay with your credit card if not a registered user of paypal, or through paypal account if you have them.


Forms of payment accepted in Soy Alto is safe for the buyer, Soy Alto will  never ask any data from your credit card, payment is made through a secure site such as PayPal.



The information and photographs provided by Soy Alto  in each article is based on the details of the various suppliers. Having to keep in mind that the tone of the colors may vary from the original.
If an item delivered does not correspond with the request, the buyer must contact us, with a maximum of 15 days after receipt of the shipment, we will proceed to exchange it or refund the fee paid. In this case both the shipping and return will be by Soy Alto.



If Soy Alto can not deliver a complete order and once the payment is made. The buyer can decide to received a partial order, cancel the order, or get a similar articles. All the delivery costs in this case will run on the seller.

In a case of force majeure (strikes, currency fluctuations, freezing of goods in customs, terrorism, etc ...),  Soy Alto will not be responsible and may reach an agreement or even cancel the order.



The buyer can proceed to return the item within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of receipt, except for personalized products or tailored for the buyer.

The return of a product will be accepted as long as it is returned in same condition as received with original packaging and have  not been used.

To return an order should communicate at info@soyalto.com.

Reimbursement will be made once received and checked the condition of the product no later than 5 days and in the form agreed between buyer and seller. The costs of returning the product paid by the buyer.



The products are delivered to the address indicated by the purchaser for the order.

The cost of shipping will be communicate by the buyer in time to accept the order.

In case of damage of the package, the buyer should not accept the shipment, and if it should be noted at the signing of delivery of the goods that the package was damaged.
If the shipment is returned by the company in charge of distribution, we will contact you to make a new post. In case of silence by the buyer the order is void, having this to apply to Soy Alto repayment of the amount paid, minus shipping costs incurred.



The deadline for delivery is 30 days from receipt of the order. After this time you can choose to cancel the order and be refunded the amount paid, if the order has not been sent and is not in the hands of the courier.

If any incident occurs sending the buyer will be notified by email.



If an item delivered arrives with fault in the buyer must contact Soy Alto, we will proceed to change it.



Buyer as a seller commit to treat the information received in a confidential manner, only transmitting the necessary information to the transport services companies to be able to process and deliver your orders or to marketing companies that are responsible for advertising campaings, such as mailchimp. Acting in accordance with current legislation, see our privacy policy.

The buyer accepts to receive information about products and commercial proposals, unless expressly communicates to info@pemaliyo.com not to receive it.


The applicable law is Spanish.

In case of dispute and failing to reach an amicable settlement the parties recognize the competence of the courts in Torremolinos, Malaga.

Legally, if we have to communicate in writing the letters will be addressed to the address shown on the invoice.



Soy Alto has the power to amend the General Conditions of Sale.

The exchange of information between buyer and seller to facilitate the systems software is similar to that granted to a handwritten document.